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MRI Scan
Whole Body CT Scan
Whole Body Spiral CT Scan
Ultra Sound Scan
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MRI Scan
GE Vectra-II. 5 Tesla, Super con magnet
Technology directly from USA with all advanced features

Higher Gradient strength
5 Tesla super com magnet
Superquality Quadrato coils
MR Angio with MIP
MR Venography with MIP

Head Spine Mr Angio Musculo Skeletal Body
Brain C- Spine Intracranial Angiogram Shoulder Joint (L/R) Neck
Pituitary Brachial Plexus Neck Angio Knee Joint (L/R) Chest (Media Stinum)
Brain with contrast Thorasic Spine Intracranial Venogram Elbow Joint (L/R) Abdomen
IAC Lumbo - Sacral Spine     Ankle Joint (L/R) Pelvis
Brain with Angio Sacroiliac Joints     Wrist Joint (L/R)    
Orbit         Hip Joint (L/R)    
Brain with contrast and Angio                

Full time Anaesthetist available for restless patients.
Free Ambulance service with in Kottayam limit.

Whole Body Spiral CT Scan
Whole Body CT Scan Hitachi CTW 450 senes
Whole body CT Scanner 750 KHU

Image on 17" x 14" laser film

Head DNS Neck Limbs Thorax Abdomen Pelvis Only Spine
Sella         Upper Whole Whole     Cervical
Orbit         Lower Upper Upper     Dorsal
Posterior Fossa             Lower Lower     Lumbo Sacral
Base of Skull                            
Paranasal Sinuses                            
High quality, complete image on a single film.
High speed scanning.
High patient throughput.
Combined scanning programme.
Magnification and zooming.
Simultaneous display of C.T. image and scannograph.

Whole Body Spiral CT Scan
Will be introduced soon Will be introduced soon

Ultra Sound Scan
GE logic 200 Ultrasound with convex and transvaginal probes
Image on thermal paper
The first ultra sound with digital image

500MA Wipro machine with dental, cynus and masteroid facilities